Visual Selling® Starter Kit

The Visual Selling® Starter Kit

So you visually inspire quickly: How you simply and professionally visualize live in the customer conversation.

Still undecided? Here are the details:

  • An exclusive insight into our book "Visual Selling - Das Arbeitsbuch für Live-Visualisierungen im Kundengespräch" ('Workbook for Live Visualizations in Customer Dialog').
  • Our Visual Selling® Discovery Punch poster, digital for self-printing, so you can check it out during your customer conversation and score points faster with the right questions.
  • Instructions that help you get startet quickly visually and outline basic concepts and characters.
  • A template for the Visual Discovery Circle so you can practice right away and shine in your next discovery meeting.
  • Twice a year the Visual Selling® Magazine with all Visual Selling news, other Visual Selling® IdeaPix guides, upcoming events, and, and, and.
  • Our current Visual Selling® quotes calendar with great quote visualizations by Saskia Sauerteig for download.