No, I do not start with the team, I start with the leader!

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This sentence has already spoiled me a few orders, though a little. And that's just as well!

After all, did you know that changing your behavior takes about 21 to 66 days of exercise to become a new habit? The actual duration depends on the complexity of the new habit.

According to a recent study by Texas A & M University and Michigan State University, 50% of everyday decisions are made based on habits. Because these are the effort considerably less power. And the human survival instinct divides its forces well.

But what do habits have to do with the fact I'm starting with leaders?

Quite simply: A workshop, a training, should lead to a behavioral change. Otherwise, it makes no sense to invest money and time if everything is to remain exactly as it was before the workshop. Quite automatically two things have to happen for sustainable learning:

  1. A new habit has to be trained.
  2. An old habit must be discarded.

And that takes 21 to 66 days.

But very few companies buy an external trainer for 21 to 66 days at a time, which then accompanies every single employee who was in a training every single day!

But who secures sustainability?

Who can blame employees to revert back to familiar behaviour, especially under time pressure, when the accompaniment does not appear? And usually they do not even notice it.

Understand me correctly: I am a big fan of the personal responsibility of adult people - including employees. However, I also see it as a task for the manager to ensure sustainability in development and in processes.

However, what is the job of a business trainer?

The job of a trainer is to turn knowledge into skill. For this he usually has 1-4 days in the business context. During this time, it is the task of the trainer to convey approaches, contents, ideas, methods, philosophies in such a way that the participants can see the added value in them. It is his job to arouse experimentation, to stabilize a foundation of knowledge, to create transference, to increase the self-motivation and to shape the skills so that the participants have the ability and desire to get started.

And then the employees start running, like someone who starts a marathon without previous training ... and they reach their limits. Because the muscle is not yet trained. As with any new habit, the system, the body, the mind must first get used to the new procedure.

And that's exactly what you are in demand as a manager.

It is about following up, evaluating together, delineating, remembering, reflecting. That is leadership!

Not only to control processes, to evaluate numbers of goal achievement, but to be and stay close to people. Because thank God, there are still people today who bring the revenue for a company.

But how should a leader be responsible for sustainability, if he has never experienced this trainer and his style, was never in the workshop, with just that content? Never experienced the basic idea of ​​the workshop concept itself?

I already hear the outraged statement:

"I also have other things to do instead of just sitting in workshops."

Correct! I agree with you! You should not do that! Not!

I recommend rather less training and workshops to book and instead have high quality, which aim at more than just a 1-day knowledge transfer. Those who create own AHA moments to you.

If sustainability is assured, many additional or repetitive trainings have become unnecessary on their own. Because knowledge is far from knowing.

Therefore, invest in the skills of your employees and take the time in advance to visit selected workshops. And then take the time to follow your team. I wish you the best of luck!

"No, I do not start with the team, I start with the leader!"

Your André Fritsch

P.S .: How do you ensure the sustainability of your trainings and those of your employees?

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