The Visual Selling® Discovery Punch – Holistic Learning with VAKOG

Der Visual Selling® Discovery Punch als Cocktail

A visual question model for Discovery Dialogs

There was pure enthusiasm at Spring Impulstag 2018 (German only) of the GABAL Association (German only). Learning with all our senses is what we do, and so trainers, consultants and coaches were able to experience our First Teach for Visual Selling® Discovery Punch. They experienced in both theory and practice how this combination of questioning techniques, Visual Storyselling, and visualization to suit various types actually works.

Today’s customers are looking for customised solutions. Co-Creation is therefore the new keyword. It means that concepts are not developed in think tanks outside the organisation, divorced from practical considerations, but rather that customers create them, test them, and implement them on-site together with trainers, consultants, and coaches.

Visual Discovery and Co-Creation are the paths that will take you to your customers via just the right questions and visualizations

Successful Co-Creation requires knowledge of a customer’s actual problems. Oftentimes, topics that customers bring to you are actually not the ones that need to be solved. In order to get down to the core issues, you need to ask the right questions. Enhanced by appropriate visualizations, these will be particularly effective. At our Impulstag 2018 Workshop, we worked with the Visual Selling® Discovery Punch. The underlying question model offers the ideal approach to discovery dialogs with customers that make it possible to get down to the actual problem and find out what real customer needs are.

Der Visual Selling Discovery Punch live

Using the five stages of the Punch, workshop participants were able to experience this and immediately apply the stages in a subsequent question and answer session. After only a short time, all the participants experienced a variety of exciting results. Everyone had fun exploring the new insights that came from selling with feeling, and they got a clear idea of how the model worked.

But it wasn’t just all a matter of theory. In tandem with the visual and auditory aspects of the theory and practical exercises, the VAKOG approach also included kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory experiences. In the end, the participants were able to brew up the Visual Selling® Discovery Punch all by themselves and, of course, enjoy it afterwards – the perfect introduction to the evening.

Here’s a suggestion: We have packaged everything dealing with the Visual Selling® Discovery Punch as a visual question model for comprehensive sales dialogs in our "Arbeitsbuch für Live-Visualisierungen im Kundengespräch" ('Workbook for Live Visualizations in Customer Dialog') Order it now or contact us directly!

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