erwicon 2018 – Visual Selling® workshop participants were allowed to dream

Visual Selling Workshop at erwicon 2018

For the fourth time we presented ourselves on the erwicon. This year, the shortage of skilled workers was discussed. We presented, for example, how job advertisements can be made appealing and interesting through visual communication.

The current shortage of skilled workers certainly has several causes. At the same time, it does not help to moan, but to find solutions. And this is precisely where we support our customers. Not just with visualizations that ultimately finalize the strategy. Above all, we support you in analyzing your individual situation and developing a suitable strategy.

Because every company is different. What works for one, can be the wrong way for the other. Therefore, we accompany you in your strategy workshops, moderate them and use the Visual Selling® method.

This gives you the opportunity to look at your starting point together. There is no longer a vague construct that everyone assembles himself based on his experience and knowledge. Visual Selling makes it visible, allowing all workshop participants to discuss exactly on the same basis.

Challenges, problems and obstacles quickly become visible. Consequently, better ideas for solving these issues can be found based on it. Here, too, misunderstandings are avoided and thus faster a common approach is found that fits.

Visual Selling booth at erwicon 2018

What that might look like, the participants of our workshop learned in the afternoon. Here we presented a special workshop methodology in combination with visual selling, which allows to develop new ideas: the Walt Disney method.

Walt Disney was a great dreamer who did many things that seemed impossible at first. These include feature-length cartoons and the theme park in Orlando. To accomplish this, he took a very specific approach: he dreamed, he planned, and he criticized the plan. These steps he carried through until finally there was a plan that could be implemented and thus made his dream a reality.

The workshop participants were allowed to think about their own problem from the area of ​​the shortage of skilled workers they wanted to pursue. Then it went for about 5 minutes in each phase of the Walt Disney method. Thus, the questions could not be clarified conclusively, but a first idea could be developed.

It was done visually to develop many high-quality ideas in the very short time available and not to get caught up in misunderstandings. The participants were there with joy and enthusiasm - because the pictures are also fun, which creates a very positive atmosphere overall. The results are shown in the following figure.

Visual Walt Disney method

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