The end of the Visual Selling® Experience Congress

The end of the Visual Selling® Experience Congress

2017 was a complete success. With about 30 participants we had a nice event with a lot of knowledge about the visual communication in the business. Were it the basics of the visualizations, IdeaPix for the own everyday use, or also the individual strategy development for the better selling of the own service. Each participant was able to personally take away the knowledge he just needed. It was not the theory. Many exercises let the participants get active immediately and learn new skills.

Concept 2019

So and even better it should be this year. With theme papers we wanted to achieve even better that the participants could learn according to individual needs. This format brings a lot of joy, as participants can intrinsically motivate themselves to develop topics. In the Visual Selling® Experience Congress they would have received professional support from us, had experienced the Multilog and would have started perfectly into the new work week.

Increased productivity in the meeting: through Visual Selling® to the Multilog

Growing to 4 employees, we had such a wonderful concept - together with our partners Fritsch Akademie GmbH and Simdustry GmbH, as well as Keymedia Verlagsgesellschaft mbH - it would have been more than just visual communication. Change processes and business simulations for sales and corporate management would also have been addressed. The Fritsch Academy has developed a great methodology that uses the advantages of DiSG, 9Levels, the logical levels according to Dilts and other models. With Simdustry's business simulations, you can test critical business decisions in areas such as team leadership, sales, business strategy, and more risk-free.

Flexibility through Agile Work

But plans are changing. Precisely for this reason Agile's work - someone familiar under the theme of "New Work" - has been our main activity right from the start. We are firmly convinced that a company can only do good business if the employees themselves can promote topics and thereby enjoy and make use of a large amount of room for maneuver. Flexibility for quick adjustments and changes, which are necessary to achieve the corporate goals, are only then possible. As a visual management consultancy, which accompanies and supports its clients from strategy development to realization to internal and external communication (RethINK Business Process), we are right in the middle of the knowledge society. Knowledge is our most important factor. Only in this way can we capture the topics of our customers and translate them visually.

So we also know: Each of our employees has special skills. For this reason, our student took over the marketing and content planning for the Visual Selling® Experience Congress.

New goals bring about change

But plans and projects are changing. And so, after all, our student finally decided to tackle new tasks and topics outside of visual selling from April 2019 onwards. So we were faced with the questions: What do we do with the tasks that fall back on us? What can we take over? What's realistic, what's economical?

Marketing and running a convention requires a lot of resources that our current customers would be missing. However, quality is very important to us. This should be sent to our current customers, but this should also be sent to the congress. The latter we could not ensure in current constellation. Although a new specialist and a new apprentice should be recruited, the risk that this will not happen on time was too high for us.

Based on these considerations, we finally decided not to let the Visual Selling® Experience Congress take place this year.

Instead, there are some other interesting projects in the starting blocks! Be curious.

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