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Slow Motion to Flow Motion

Translated by William Boletta

“Oh, how time flies!”

10 years have gone by again. New things that we came up with in the past have now grown old — but still remain to be implemented. Especially in large companies, changes are often not implemented or only over a very long period of time. Processes take place in slow motion and only after decades of implementation is a big celebration in order.

But why is this all so cumbersome? Most of the time there are no easy answers because many factors might be responsible. Sometimes it might be the unwillingness of employees to change and do things differently. Sometimes misunderstandings and disagreements might be to blame because they require matters to be discussed over and over again. Sometimes it might be that priorities and decisions are skewed and this will prevent moving forward.

A Visual Selling® Workshop is a business seminar event where you can try out multiple ways to resolve these problems right away. If your employees are not quite ready for change, then our partners at Fritsch Akademie can assist you in finding out why and help to solve the problem.

If your meetings are just not getting off the ground and people are not using documentation enough, then you can move forward with visual communication by using the Visual Selling® approach. In no time, it will allow you to generate the same image in the minds of everyone involved and to document discussions so that you can use them later.

If your managers and sales staff don’t like making decisions or can’t come up with ways to take action, then our partners at Simdustry can assist you with business simulations and offer you a risk-free way to try out various options.

Introduce your company to a steady change process. Stay flexible and agile. Get into Flow Motion.

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