Fridays 4 Future – securing the future together

Fridays 4 Future - Secure the future

Meet two planets in space. Says one to the other: Look bad. The other says: Yes, I have Homo sapiens. Says the first one: I had that too. That's over.

As funny as the joke once was, it becomes more and more realistic. The world is about to collapse, but people close their eyes to it. What are all the topics around innovation, new work, business process optimization, article 13, summer or winter time, ... worth, when there is no future?

It is time to act!

Delaying is no longer possible. Refugee flows, natural disasters, crop failures become normal. It is our children and grandchildren who will suffer. Exactly they are the ones who now stand up and grow up for better and much-needed environmental protection, for a turnaround in energy supply.

There is a lot to be done by politics. But until then, each individual can contribute to the preservation of our own habitat, the climate that is vital to our survival. Pioneer there are many, opportunities that fit your own habits and allow gentle lifestyle changes, enough. An example is smarticular.

Important is your own knowledge

Ask yourself the following questions: If I continue as before, what will the world look like in 10, 20, 50 years? Do I want to live like this? Do I want generations to live like this?

The more people think about their behavior and move towards environmentally conscious action, the sooner they can preserve the environment, the more realistic it will be that humans and other living things will continue to live in the future.

We therefore support the Fridays4Future initiative and thank the young people for their great dedication. If you would like to donate, you can find more information here:

Tipp: On 15.03.2019 the biggest demonstration should take place. All over the world, young people will campaign for a turnaround in climate protection policy. Support this and let your child join in as well.

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