Autor: André Fritsch

André Fritsch - a lifeblood salesman. And that's exactly what flows into every business training, every workshop, every publication. He specializes in sales analysis and sales structuring. In doing so, he works with people, he checks profiles and develops appropriate strategies with his customers like SAP, SIXT or Daimler. There are trainers who love content and techniques! André Fritsch is a pragmatist and practitioner. He speaks and works only about and with what has been tried out in practice - and often does without the methods that were taught 20 years ago. For him, the following questions are the focus: Has your market changed in the last 10 years? Has your product changed in the last 10 years? Has your customer / employee changed in the last 10 years? ... And when did you last change? There are enough theoretical models in the world - you can read them in books. André Fritsch's mission is to turn knowledge into ability.