RethINK Business – Simplify complex matters visually and increas productivity in dialog

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RethINK Business

Simplify Complex Matters Visually
Increase Productivity in Dialog

For clear strategies and unique visibility

What are your company's goals?
You can reach them with Visual Selling:

  • Make complex things easy. Together we can work out the utility of your products, ideas, and services visually. You will be able to reach your customers and employees in a straightforward way that is easy to understand and emotionally satisfying.
  • We are committed to bringing clarity and structure to your project by using live digital visualization and visual dialoge models, along with Visual Storyselling. They will enable you to attain your goals with ease.
  • You will be able to introduce a new type of communication at your company that will make dialog more productive, offer more compelling deals, and make more effective sales.

Here are your possibilities.

Step up to sales challenges, marketing problems, and business management with visual communication. Acting as guides for visual strategies, we assist innovative companies in achieving their goals – quickly and effectively.

Visual Selling® Consulting

If you want to view complex topics, concepts, and innovations from a different perspective, and resolve your challenges visually, you have come to the right place.

With the Visual Selling® method, you can successfully develop any topic. In one-on-one conversations, we structure your ideas together, develop new ways of presenting them, and develop a pitch that will excite potential customers, partners, and employees. What are your goals?

Tailored to your individual goals

Visual facilitation (appropriate questioning techniques + live visualization), demand-oriented units, and content

Strategies, projects, and ideas that will be developed, planned, and implemented successfully.

At your place or in virtual space at an online meeting.

Visual Storyselling

Do you want your customers to understand the unique value of your solution, your product, or your idea? Do you want a pitch that goes straight to the heart of things and is persuasive?

If so, then you can draw on the magic of stories and images and shorten your sales cycle. We will develop a visual storyboard for your discovery dialogs Because of our digital approach, they can be rolled out immediately within your organisation on a global level.

One day or more, according to your goals

Storytelling (such as the Hero’s Journey), Visual Selling® method, IdeaPix, Digital visualization, online strategy

Sales experts are transformed into actual Visual Sellers: Inspire your customers with a new way of interacting and you will stand out from the competition.

At your place or in virtual space as a Virtual Live Classroom (VLC).

Success Story:
The Sales Performance Measurement Study by EMPLAY at SAP demonstrated that: The 500 sales experts trained in Visual Selling sold 22% more individual products and required an average of 30% less time to complete the sales cycle.

Check out the full story at:

Visual Selling® Workshops

Innovative solutions add up to more than the sum of their parts. They are no longer cooked up in a ‘dark chamber’, but rather in dialog with customers and business partners on an equal footing.

We will assist you in presenting the benefits and features of your products. With just a few strokes, you will be able to take in new perspectives and be more productive in the future by re-shaping your conversations with customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.

1 to 3 days

Possible contents:
Visual communication, IdeaPix for your business topics, questioning techniques to analyse problems with the Visual Selling® Discovery Punch, Elevator Pitch, Vision and Mission, as well as your individual topics

Visual communication will become your language for sales, marketing, and your entire company. That way, you will be able to achieve your goals in the future.

At your place or in virtual space as a Virtual Live Classroom (VLC).

Digital Graphic Facilitation

Make your event into a special treat for your participants.

To do this, we will visualize digitally and in dialog with your customers. Together we will create visions, make connections visible, and organise information on the big screen.

For events, exhibitions, and panel discussions we can offer you and your guests the opportunity to easily understand complex topics and remember them better. That’s why we make sure that the contents and results are live and digitally visual on the big screen so that everybody can see what’s happening and enter into the discussion.

One hour or more, tailored to your individual goals

Visual accompaniment of lectures, exhibitions, group processes, panel discussions, and much more – with moderation and active participation

Process, content, and results are visible on the stage, and are later available digitally for participants for further processing. This will make your event unforgettable.

At your location or in virtual space.

This is what our customers say

Very fast training for a new area and very good live presentation along with a lively and often thematically changing panel discussion. Great job!!!

Volker Kadow - Leiter PR bei PDV-Systeme GmBH

Volker Kadow, Head of PR
PDV-Systeme GmBH

Many thanks for the excellent visualization of our Joining Perspectives approach. This creative support should not be underestimated for the ongoing transformation of Global Finance & Administration. Images come alive in the mind faster than words do

Luka Mucic - CFO bei SAP SE

Luka Mucic, CFO

In autumn of 2017, the Raiffeisen Bank in Schilcherland started to use Visual Selling in our consultations. Visualization greatly strengthened our image as a very special, modern bank. Visualization furthered an open conversational attitude and enabled us to concentrate on the wishes and needs of our customers and ultimately assisted us in helping customers to find an ideal solution.

Günter Krainer - Vorstand Raiffeisenbank

Günter Krainer, Management Board Member
Raiffeisenbank Schilcherland

As part of a visual innovation workshop, Visual Selling helped us to successfully position our digital Kiwi Financial Living platform by visualising the benefits for customers and developing a successful customer pitch based on rich visualizations. We recommend Visual Selling to all innovative companies struggling to work through complex topics in a short time and striving to achieve visual expression

Horst Schneider - KIWI Financial Living AG

Horst Schneider, Management Board
KIWI Financial Living AG

During a workshop in the autumn of last year, we first heard about visualizations by Visual Selling and were enthusiastic. Our Standardization 2020 programme has an abundance of projects. With the image of digital transformation of standardisation, we can now give internal as well as external interested parties an insight into the topic, and we consistently get positive responses

Franziska Roos - DKE Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik Informationstechnik

Franziska Roos, Assistant to the management
German Electrotechnical Society, VDE

Visual Selling can also handle business ethics. Our Business Ethics Summit on the topic ‘People - Data - Business Ethics’ was graphically documented in splendid fashion by the Visual Selling team – with skill, wit and digital expertise. Working together with them was refreshingly ‘analogue’ and characterised by openness, reliability, and fabulous service.

Frank Simon - Vorstandsmitglied bei EBEN Deutschland e.V.

Dr. Frank Simon, Management Board
German Business Ethics Network, EBEN

About us

Visual Selling Team

In 2013, Visual Selling GbR was founded by Marko Hamel and Miriam Hamel, both graduate engineers, in Walldorf (Baden). The company flourished, and because of its popularity nationwide, a new location was chosen that was exactly in the centre of Germany: Erfurt.

In 2015, we changed locations, reinforced our team with Saskia Sauerteig, and continued to move forward. And now, in 2018, we have continued to grow and have invited Martin Hengelhaupt to join our team.

We will be delighted to assist you in moving your company forward toward success through innovation and the presentation of your ideas. Increase your productivity with us through dialog – make your individual appointment now:

A model and an inspiration –
The Visual Selling® Blog

Acquire new habits - Fritsch Akademie

No, I do not start with the team, I start with the leader!

Von André Fritsch | 02.08.2018

This sentence has already spoiled me a few orders, though a little. And that’s just as well! After all, did you know that changing your behavior takes about 21 to 66 days of exercise to become a new habit? The actual duration depends on the complexity of the new habit. According to a recent study by Texas A & M University and Michigan State University, 50% of everyday decisions are made based on habits. Because […]

CEBIT 2018

CEBIT 2018 – In a new guise on the road to success

Von Miriam Hamel | 17.07.2018

In June we had an exciting time. The erwicon was just over, it was already going on to the CEBIT. Even the preparations were very exciting, because the fair wanted to present itself in a completely new guise. What will we expect? Is it really that good? How can business and hype fit together? Our booth This time we were at the joint booth of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) for […]

Visual Selling Workshop at erwicon 2018

erwicon 2018 – Visual Selling® workshop participants were allowed to dream

Von Miriam Hamel | 11.07.2018

For the fourth time we presented ourselves on the erwicon. This year, the shortage of skilled workers was discussed. We presented, for example, how job advertisements can be made appealing and interesting through visual communication. The current shortage of skilled workers certainly has several causes. At the same time, it does not help to moan, but to find solutions. And this is precisely where we support our customers. Not just with visualizations that ultimately finalize […]

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